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The Complex Magic of a Patronus

Title: The Complex Magic of a Patronus
Author: kaizokuzuko
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Intense angst
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Summary: Snape insults Tonks' Patronus and gets more than he bargained for; an insight of kindred spirits
Author’s Notes: This is my first story and I hope it turned out alright. All my stories start out as conversations, it's the details I have troubles with. I hope you guys like it!

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Snonks art, lots of it :)

I was at Azkatraz and asked from all the artist for Snonks art!! This is a cross post from my journal. All but two pieces are the beloved Snape/Tonks.

Teh Art!!

A Party You DO NOT Want to Miss

Severus is fifty and we’re throwing a party in his honor!

A Big Bang with a difference: featuring Art, Fic, Crafts & Music

All Snape-y flavours welcome: Crossover, Gen, Het, Slash – Whomping Willow?

Please join us at severusbigbang

LJ RSVP here

Or Insane Journal

IJ RSVP here

Sign ups are June 1 – June 30, 2009

Your eager party host/esses, the severusbigbangmods.


Title: Whine
Author: kerrymdb
Prompt: wine
Rating: T
Genre: humour
Word Count: 1,800 words
Summary: Being stuck in a dark wine cellar with a beautiful witch is most men's dream. But Severus Snape is certainly not most men…
Author’s Notes: Set during Order of the Phoenix.


Winter Solstice Challenge Extension!

Seeing as there have been no submissions (my own included), I'm going to extend the challenge to the end of January. Happy Snape/Tonks-ing!
Hear ye! Hear ye!

I now declare that the Winter Solstice Challenge is officially open. Posting goes through January 1. Let's get our Snape/Tonks holiday swerve on!

The Winter Solstice Challenge!

After a lengthy hiatus, colourful_bat is back and ready for action! I'm happy to announce our next challenge, the Winter Solstice challenge!

As you might guess from the title, the challenge will have a holiday theme. Not specifically Christmas, but the winter holidays. You can build a story around Christmas, New Year's, Kwanzaa, or even set it during winter, if you don't want to choose a holiday.

You can sign up for the challenge by responding to this post and choosing a prompt. The prompt will be holiday or wintered theme. However, you're not limited to these prompts. If you look through them, and don't see anything you like, go ahead and choose your own. Just check with me first to make sure it's in the spirit of the challenge.

While this is a Snape/Tonks community, genfic featuring the two are also welcomed. All fic and art, up to M will be accepted. No NC-17 fics or art allowed.

Posting will begin on December 1 and go through January 1.

When posting, please use the following format:

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Challenge Round-up

Hello my fellow Snape/Tonks fans! Sorry I disappeared for, oh, half a year. I wanted to round-up the Fabric of Time Challenge that never really started. If you wrote a fic for that challenge, please post it. We want all the Snape/Tonks goodness we can get.

Here are the fics that were posted.

-- Sometimes It only takes a minute by toonmili
-- A Touchy Subject by veradee

We will have a new challenge that will be announced on Sunday, October 12. Hope to see you there!

Eclipse: Later That Night

Title: Eclipse: Later That Night
Author: Ericadawn16
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst
Word Count: 1,015
Summary: Severus Snape has invited Tonks back to his place for tea.
A/N This is the sequel to my AU drabble Eclipsehttp://community.livejournal.com/colourful_bat/24329.html#cutid1 Thanks to my beta for this story, aquaseamage

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A Touchy Subject

Title: A Touchy Subject
Author: veradee
Prompts: 11 p.m., cashmere
Genre: pre-smut
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Word Count: 3,121
Summary: Severus Snape learns how (un-)pleasant it can be to deviate from one's usual way of dressing.

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